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Eyebrow Threading is an age-old technique of hair removal which is natural, safe and simple.  It is the best alternative to waxing or tweezing, especially for sensitive skin or people who are on Retin A and Acutane.  Regular threading helps maintain a clean, sharp appearance of your eyebrows without the usual side effects of facial waxing or other hair removal techniques.  We recommend threading twice a month for best results.


Advantages of Threading over Waxing

1. There are no bumps or skin irritation with threading.

2. Threading creates a clean line and flattering shape to eyebrows which waxing cannot do.

3. It does not peel a layer of skin.

4. Hair does not grow back that fast as it is removed from the follicle / root.

5. There is no danger of burn marks and scabs, which waxing often results in.

6. Most people feel that threading hurts less than waxing and helps to give the skin a smooth, fine texture.


Benefits of Threading over Tweezing

1. With threading fine hairs can be removed creating a cleaner look which the tweezer cannot do.

2. The hair is removed from its roots with no chance of breaking and creating an unsightly stub which the tweezer does.

3. Threading is definitely more painless than tweezing as it treats a large area at one time.


Threading can be done in the following areas:

· Eyebrow

· Upper Lip

· Chin

· Forehead

· Sides of the face

· Neck

· Full face

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